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CBD is most definitely in fashion at the moment. It is touted as a cure-all, and with good reason. It is a plant extract with antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-convulsant and pain-relieving effects that can help with insomnia, low energy, pain, anxiety, and numerous other ills.


There are many different ways of taking CBD. Some people take it orally or vape it, but vaping doesn’t suit everyone, and the taste of CBD isn’t pleasant, so taking CBD drops or eating gummies or candies is not a perfect option either. Using a cream, lotion or other topical application could be an effective answer for those who want to enjoy pain relief.  We talked to to one of the top CBD Creams Provider CBD Cream For Pain LLC to get the answers we were looking for.

Topical CBD Applications

Topical CBD takes longer to be absorbed into the body than other options and tends to produce a milder result, but it lasts longer. This means that if you’re suffering from chronic pain, it could be a good option. Patience is important here though because it’s easy to use too much if you assume that it’s not working and keep rubbing on more and more.

Choosing the Right Cream or Lotion

When you’re shopping for CBD, you should look for a full spectrum product. This is a product that includes CBD from the whole plant, rather than just from a specific area of the plant. The reason this matters is that each part of the plant has slightly different terpenes in it. When you get full spectrum CBD you are getting the CBD and all of those terpenes, and each of them interacts with the CBD in a different way to produce a beneficial effect. CBD isolate is extracted differently, and from just one area, and this means that you’re missing out on some of those benefits.
You want CBD to be as strong as possible, and ideally to be extracted by one of the new CO2 methods. CBD that is extracted using butane or propane is not as useful because it is potentially less pure.

It’s up to you whether you use a scented lotion or not. In general, something unscented and naturally made with a good carrier oil is a better option than something that is full of parabens and phthalates that could interact with your estrogen pathways, clog your pores, and mess up your skin.

It is worth paying a little extra for high quality, high concentration, full spectrum CBD oil. Depending on where you live you might need to look for hemp-derived CBD rather than CBD that comes from the cannabis plant, although more and more countries are relaxing the rules on CBD and even on cannabis in general.

CBD is well tolerated and can be used by people who find that traditional pain medication does not work well for them. You don’t need to use a huge amount to get the benefits of it, and you can use it regularly without building up a tolerance to it. This makes it a brilliant all-natural medication for a lot of general day to day ailments.